Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sully's First Off-Road Adventure

I love doing different things with my son, especially because I'm able to do them outdoors more and more! I love Maine, and I love winter, but Sully man has been too little to be outside in the chaos that has been Mother Nature this year.

Now, he's getting bigger and it's getting warmer - double awesomeness. I miss the littleness that used to be my baby, but I'm more excited about him getting big rather than wishful that he wouldn't.

The snow has finally melted in the last week or so, and I thought it might be a good idea to check the trails that lead to the lake around our house - see how muddy they were! Turns out, they weren't bad, but I am glad that Sully has a freakin' awesome, off-roading Jeep stroller.

I know it's Spring, but it really felt like Fall out there today. Maine is like that, I've noticed, in my almost four years of living here. It's almost like Mother Nature has to peel back the layers of what she's put down in order to get down to the green. The snow is gone, but there's leaves everywhere, leftover from Fall. That, and it was a crisp 45ish degrees out - it was absolutely gorgeous.

Sully was pretty stoked about it...

Oh, yeah.

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