Thursday, March 27, 2014


So for the past week or so, Sully Bear has decided that he wants to be nostalgic and get up four or five times a night. They call it the "Four Month Sleep Regression." DUN DUN DUNNNNN!

He's always been a pretty decent sleeper, and was getting to the point where he'd sleep 8-10 hours straight. Then BAM, not so much. One thing I can be grateful for is that it's still easy to put him to bed - he goes right to sleep; it's staying asleep that's becoming the problem.

I've been reading about it, and it's supposed to be an awesome sign that your baby is making leaps and bounds in his development. His sleep cycles are changing and he's a little thrown off by it. The good news is that it's only supposed to last a few weeks.

I can handle this lack of sleep much better than I could when Sully was a very brand new little person. It's amazing what your body gets used to over a period of time. Two cups of coffee + maybe four hours of sleep = I got this. Thank goodness, because otherwise we'd be in big trouble.

Before, I mentioned the leaps and bounds in his development. Makes sense, because the kid has suddenly become waayyy more mobile. When I say mobile, I don't mean he's about to run around the house, but he's rolling, twisting and even beginning to sit up. I also see the beginning of the "commando crawl."

Someone compared this sleep regression to how we as adults are the night before a big day. We can't sleep, our minds race, and we toss and turn. Same with a baby, except they are thinking more like, "WOW, look at all the cool stuff I did today! I wonder what else I can do!" And instead of tossing and turning, Sully likes to get up and talk (AKA yell) from his crib.

Now he's taking a nap that's lasted an hour and a half and is still going strong. Maybe I should have taken a nap with him... But the "sleeping when baby sleeps" mantra is a load of crap, really. So, instead, his bottles are sparkly clean and the laundry is done.

It's amazing how sleep becomes a last priority....


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  1. true...true! never could nap when you guys did...always had all the stuff that needed to be done going around in my head! The stories are awesome!