Thursday, July 10, 2014

Long time no....

See. Talk. Write. Share.

Basically, it's been a while. I didn't mean to let The Chronicles of Sully go silent for a little while, but that's what happened. Slap my hand.

Sully and I have been going back and forth with colds for what feels like two months. He's sick, then I'm sick, so my whole world has revolved around Vicks, disgusting cold medicine, eradicating evil boogies, and getting up in the middle of the night to soothe a poor little coughing man.

The difference between Sully and I is when he's sick, he bounces back. When I get what he has, I get it tenfold plus some and it's taken me two+ weeks to recover each time. This past time, I actually truly had a horrific ear infection that required the highest dose of antibiotics the doc could give. Who freakin gets an ear infection over five years old? But hopefully, we are at the end of what I will call the dark, dark times of the Sully Plague. <enter dramatic music>

I don't really know what I want to say in this post, only that I wanted to be active on this blog again. Sully's the most important thing in my life, so having his Chronicles go silent is something I couldn't stand.

How about some updates for those who live far away? Which is most of our family...

Sully is well on his way towards crawling. The kid looks like he's doing Downward Facing Dog on a regular basis. (It's a yoga pose that requires the ability to lift yourself up on your hands and toes.) Yeah, he's not just getting up on his hands and knees, he's full-on planking.

Eventually, I will be quick enough to grab a video of His Royal Cuteness rocking back and forth, thinking, "Okay. I'm up. I'm up. And I'm moving. And I'm moving again. But I'm not going anywhere. WTF? Why Am I Not GOING ANYWHERE?" *Frustrated Yell* *Falls back to Cobra position* (another yoga term...)

AHHH, the frustration of wanting to do something, but not knowing quite how to get there. I won't tell him that that'll happen for the rest of his life... It might all be just too much.

Also, he's grabbing for anything he can reach. Literally. ANYTHING. Who knew napkin rings could be so amazingly interesting? The wonderful thing about babies: everything is beautiful. We should watch them more and follow their lead. Seriously. The world would be a better place.

What else?? OH! He's always been totally aware. Eerily so. But lately he's been very clingy to people. Like when his Papaw was holding him, and Taylor went to grab him... Sully wanted nothing to do with that. He buried his face into Papaw's neck, yelled something that definitely sounded like a protest, and clung to his grandfather for dear life. If it were possible, we would have been cleaning up the giant puddle of lovey goo that my dad turned into. It was awesome.

I wish I had all these great photos of fireworks and Sully looking at them in awe, but honestly, we sat inside and watched The Hobbit. I was too sick, my mom was sick, Sully still had a cough. Screw fireworks. God Bless 'Murica and all that goodness, but screw fireworks this year. Next year will be more fun anyway.


So I stepped away from this post for a moment because Taylor walked in, and you know how he likes to talk, so there was no way I'd get any writing done ;). Now I'm watching him attempt to make a turkey sandwich (while still talking... "Do you have any Gray Poupon?"... what else do you say while making a turkey sandwich?) and Sully is sleeping and I have an IPA in my favorite beer glass.

Life is pretty much where it needs to be.

Think I'll end on that note.


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