Thursday, May 8, 2014

Smiling Hill Farm

As summer approaches, I'm finding more and more things to do with Sully. The other day, I took him to Smiling Hill Farm. They have a barnyard full of animals and a petting zoo, and they have a little restaurant/store where they sell their ice cream and milk.

When we got there, Sully was crashed... for a good half hour! I kinda just had to walk around and see what was what first until his highness decided to rise.

Above are a couple of pictures of what you see when you first enter the barnyard. They have toy tractors for kids to ride, all kinds of "toys" for kids to climb (like a huge wooden train and plane), and of course, they have the animals spread out over the area.

Mr. Man finally woke up, and was pretty surprised to find himself in a farmyard. 

Enter: wild goat mania.

We crossed over into their territory where they demanded food and jumped on you if you weren't fast enough. 

Sully got a kick out of it.

But then! We found this little barn that had the twin baby goats. They are snoozing here, but eventually, they got up and started jumping around. They were Sully-sized goats, and he didn't take his eyes off of them.

We saw Llamas...

And wait, what's that?!?!

Oh, just the weirdest freakish bird that Sully has ever seen... 

Emus definitely don't make sense...

We made are way to the main yard and saw chickens, rabbits, piggies, ducks, chinchillas, annnd... hold on lemme think....

Oh yeah, and there were little baby chicks in the hatching house...

And we fed the ponies (which were my favorite.) Sully almost got a big kiss from this guy....

But I snatched him away in time... 

After that, we ran into some friendly donkeys and mini ponies and had made our way to the exit.

I grabbed some fresh milk and some ice-cream from the dairy store, and we headed home smelling like goat poop and horse hay.

It was worth it though :) Sully loved the animals and had a great time just being outside seeing something different.

I hear that he won't remember these things I do with him, but I like to think that subconsciously, he'll know. He's a little sponge right now, and everything affects him. He learns with every thing we do and every where we go. 

Maybe he'll want to be a biologist or a warden because I took him to a wildlife park. Maybe he'll want to be a farmer. Maybe a fisherman... all because of things we did when he was little. Maybe he'll be inspired by this little voice in his head, even if he doesn't "remember" where it came from.

And what else, he won't be scared of new things that he's never seen, because hey, been there, done that. I saw a little girl in the goat area screaming her head off because she'd never seen a goat and was freaking out about it. 

I'm hoping that by taking Sully, he'll be excited, rather than scared, to try new things. 


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  1. I think you're right! the more you expose him now the more he just goes with the flow! I think it's great!!! love you!